Are You Aiming for a Raise? Try These Tips

Are You Aiming for a Raise? Try These Tips

In the business world, raises are doled out carefully to those who demonstrate they are deserving of a bump in salary. While some companies have a routine schedule to provide pay raises, it’s not uncommon for someone to have a change in responsibilities or to come in at a lower salary and thus request an increase. Based on our Legit Events and Solutions philosophy, pay raises are tied to merit. Therefore, the following practices can go a long way toward an affirmative answer.

Hard work and top-notch performance are rewarded in our Legit Events and Solutions offices. Our event managers know that it’s not enough to simply do their jobs well. To be recognized, people should go above and beyond. This can mean taking on extra duties, bringing forth new ideas, or just being a team player and coaching others.

It’s important to have achievements documented. In our Legit Events and Solutions training, we encourage people to take stock of their accomplishments. The best way to do this is to maintain a folder that can be presented when requesting a raise or even at review time.

Do remember that timing is key. Someone who just joined the firm should not expect additional increases immediately. It takes time to establish oneself as deserving of more pay.

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