We Invite You to Be Part of the Legit Events &
Solutions Team

Our Legit Events & Solutions team is composed of individuals who are focused on making the world a better place. Together we’re more powerful than when we act alone. The greater our numbers, the more change we generate.

Talent That Makes a Difference
at Legit Events & Solutions

Making the world a better place is a goal to which many aspire. Finding a career that allows them to do so can be a challenge. At Legit Events & Solutions, we provide people with opportunities to use their talents to help causes working to build stronger communities worldwide. We empower our staff to share their fresh ideas and follow their passions. Each day, they impact the world by promoting social good, while enjoying thriving careers. Those who value making a difference find our culture to be a perfect fit.

Be a Change Agent While

Our aim is to promote the amazing work that socially good enterprises are doing to improve towns and cities. Their innovative strategies have transformed the lives of countless people worldwide. At Legit Events & Solutions, it is our privilege to help them share their visions. We offer comprehensive training that helps our team develop the skills and knowledge needed to share these missions, while gaining real-world experience in a profession that makes a lifelong impact.

Real Team Cohesion

We’re all working toward the same goal at Legit Events & Solutions. We share the same passion, which makes it easy for our collective energies to infuse our workplace. We’re more than just a team. We’re like a family that thrives on improving our communities through collaboration. As we help each other and celebrate our victories, we enjoy experiences such as tropical retreats, conferences, and even fun team nights.

On a Mission of Growth and Expansion

Our aim is to generate undeniable growth and expansion through continued market coverage in key locations. Learn more about our career opportunities and how you can take part in our nationwide growth!

Providing Support to Transform Lives

Our team members lend their voices to inspire others and support the work of great causes. We’re excited to discuss career options and explain how talented individuals help promote social change with our team. Please send cover letter and resume to careers@legiteventsandsolutions.com.

Positions at Legit Events and Solutions


Partners are charged with the oversight of 20-25 team members as they create exciting event-based campaigns. These leaders are responsible for ensuring that all outreach expectations are met while motivating their people and recruiting candidates to fill available roles. Partners are also tasked with the facilitation of meetings and other administrative duties.

Junior Partner

The junior partner position is a temporary role. It is designed to train individuals for partnership. Those in this position conduct industry-related trainings, network, add new brands to the company’s portfolio, and nurture a dynamic and empowering office culture.

Developmental Manager

Developmental managers are expected to coordinate territory assignments, teach their colleagues about new products, and act as points of contact between team members and brand leaders. They manage 3-4 events and 4-8 people at a time. Our developmental managers begin learning early operational skills while conducting research for the development of promotions and make sure all brand expectations are met.

Event Manager

Event managers begin developing management skills by overseeing 1-3 events. While assisting in team member development, these event specialists hone their skills by combining team member training with management layers.

Professional Fundraiser

These team members oversee brand representation and fundraising during events. They must master the Legit Events and Solutions’ business model, participate in the production of all event-based campaigns, and contribute to campaign-specific meetings.

Partner Development Program

Our unique development program cross trains individuals in all aspects of business inner workings. Team members are taught skills in Event Management, Operational Management, HR, Recruiting, Administrative skills, Staff Development, and many more. Individuals who complete the program have an all encompassed knowledge of how to successfully run an ongoing business.