Four Big Transitions to Event Management

Four Big Transitions to Event Management

For Legit Events and Solutions, growth is the name of the game. As we expand our company and the businesses we serve, we advance our people. In fact, several of our colleagues have recently been promoted to event management. They’re taking on a number of important responsibilities, and their past performances leave us with no doubt that they will continue to excel.

According to Niaely, one of our team members, “Zhana, Alisa, Tayyaba, and Prynz are now event managers. They are prepared to train and coach people, offering guidance as the group meets their goals. As leaders, these individuals will even help advance their colleagues into management roles. They’ll be more hands-on in the Legit Events and Solutions office as well, running morning meetings and further strengthening overall work ethic.”

These are some of the strategies we use to shape team members into effective leaders:

• We Show Them How to Network: Perhaps more than any other factor, relationships form the cornerstone of success. To help our people grow, we teach them to give pitches, make positive first impressions, listen attentively, offer value, use their body language well, and follow up with contacts.

• We Challenge Them: Learning doesn’t occur in the comfort zone. That’s why we task our colleagues with work that requires them to exercise their potential. The goals we assign are attainable, yet far enough out of reach that people’s abilities are challenged. We hold team members accountable for their results, for which they readily take ownership.

With these methods, our people shine. To find out more about our culture, follow us on Facebook