Learn Leadership Lessons From a Disney Executive

Learn Leadership Lessons From a Disney Executive

When it comes to taking professional advice, we tend to be selective about our sources. We only want to learn from those who have achieved a level of success to which we aspire. So when Lee Cockerell, who served as the Executive VP of Operations for Walt Disney World Resort for 10 years, shared his leadership tips in a recent interview, Team Legit Events and Solutions paid attention.

His first piece of wisdom is to make sure everyone on the team feels important. He encouraged his leaders to show plenty of appreciation and recognition, and to encourage their people while also helping them develop their potential.

He also shared this pithy piece of advice: Disney magic is created through training. “I think at Disney we do this better than anybody,” Cockerell shared. “We train you, we test you and then we enforce the training. … It doesn’t matter what day you come, what cast member you run into…you’re going to get the same quality and consistency.”

One of the final pieces of the operational excellence puzzle that Cockerell shared was that the Disney culture relied on the excellent treatment of Disney cast members (their term for employees). “We created a culture where everybody matters, and everybody knows they matter.” His goal – and part of our Legit Events and Solutions mission as well – is to have people waking up in the morning and wanting to come to work, not just showing up out of a sense of obligation.

The full Lee Cockerell interview can be heard here, and we believe it’s well worth a listen. For more insight into leadership skills check out our Legit Events and Solutions Newswire feed.