Legit Events & Solutions on Aligning Your Brand

Legit Events & Solutions on Aligning Your Brand

Brand identity isn’t just crucial for for-profit organizations. In fact, not-for-profits must carefully align their communications and marketing with their fundraising efforts. It helps to maintain a cohesive brand image. Our Legit Events & Solutions experts explain how to do this:

Align Your Brand and Communications With Fundraising Efforts:
Each communication that your organization puts forth should tie back to your efforts to raise funds. Our Legit Events & Solutions pros suggest that you be clear about your vision. Let people know what you are trying to accomplish and how they can support your cause.

Be a Storyteller:
No charity raises funds with facts and figures. Our Legit Events & Solutions experts strongly propose that you share personal success stories that reflect your mission. Interview an individual whose life has been transformed because of your charity. Share pictures of those who either have benefited from support or still need help. By personalizing your mission, you drive empathy. In turn, you encourage people to give.

Share Good News Immediately:
Don’t delay in sharing updates on your group’s achievements. You want to post exciting information while it’s fresh. This drives momentum. It keeps your volunteers and sponsors energized about your efforts and mission. Ask your staff to seek reasons to create press releases or provide social media updates that align with your cause.

A cohesive strategy will help you sustain your audiences’ attention and connect your events with your mission.