Legit Events & Solutions on the Fun of Fundraising

Legit Events & Solutions on the Fun of Fundraising

It’s true that from an outside perspective, fundraising can seem like drudgery. What we’ve discovered at Legit Events & Solutions is that it’s anything but dull. In fact, it can be quite fun.

Here’s something our Legit Events & Solutions team has learned: when it comes to supporting good causes, people genuinely feel positive about giving. The reason is self-efficacy. More simply explained, it’s human nature to want to make a difference and solve problems. By opening a checkbook or otherwise contributing to a charity, people envision themselves as do-gooders. It boosts their self-esteem.

Our Legit Events & Solutions professionals have studied research on this phenomenon. They have learned that when it comes to feeling better about themselves, more people reported rewarding feelings from philanthropic giving than they did from making purchases for their own consumption.

This psychological impact extends beyond just writing a check or dropping some coins in a kettle. In fact, people who volunteer tend to be satisfied with their experiences. They find that their efforts enhance their lives overall, and that volunteering for causes that are important to them is often eye opening and as such informs other choices they make in their daily lives. Their excitement spills back into fundraising efforts.

This is what make fundraising fun. If you’ve never experienced the great personal outcomes of volunteering and fundraising, we hope you try it soon.