Post-Meeting Mortems With Legit Events Solutions

Post-Meeting Mortems With Legit Events Solutions

Whether you’re gathering your team or an individual for a meeting, as manager you need to ensure that their time is well spent. In other words, you need your meetings to have a productive component. Our Legit Events Solutions managers recommend that you ask individuals a simple question at the conclusion: What did you find most valuable?

The importance of the question stems from the disconnect that often happens between meeting planners and participants. While you might call a meeting that you feel has critical information, our Legit Events Solutions experts advise that your team might not be regarding the message in the same light. This question allows you to gauge what is important to them.

Why is this feedback so critical to you? As our Legit Events Solutions professionals state, there are many opportunities here. First, you can begin to create agendas that offer discussions and topics more meaningful to your associates. Second, if you find that they don’t see value in the information you are imparting, you may need to tailor your message as well to more clearly communicate the significance.

Follow up with questions such as what they might add to meetings or what they might subtract. Ask them if there was any information they thought would be better conveyed in a memo rather than a gathering. Finally, don’t hesitate to include associates in meeting planning as well.

Before long, you’ll find your meetings add to your team’s productivity, rather than subtracting from it.