Presenting Before the Bosses? Three Tips to WOW Them

Presenting Before the Bosses? Three Tips to WOW Them

In our Legit Events and Solutions model, presentations are part of our strategy. However, there are certain audiences that are tougher than others. In particular, for many people, presenting in front of a supervisor can add a level of anxiety. Fear not. We have some tips on how to take this moment and make it great:

Take the Opportunity to Boost Career: One of the points we emphasize in our Legit Events and Solutions training is making each moment count. Rather than be nervous about presenting before managers, we should look at this an opportunity to showcase skills and talent. The spotlight is on us and how we use it will reflect on future growth.

Hit on Pain Points Meaningful to the Boss: Our Legit Events and Solutions communication strategy leans heavily on building a rapport with others through precise messaging that relates to their needs. In a presentation to a higher-up, we must know what is important to them, or more succinctly, what keeps them up at night. We should incorporate this knowledge into what we present.

Share Credit: Always take time to recognize colleagues and others who have contributed to projects. This practice allows managers to see our leadership ability, while also showcasing our humility.

When it comes to presentations before management, take the lead with these tips. To find out more about our culture, follow us on Facebook