Seal the Interview With the PERFECT Thank-You Note

Seal the Interview With the PERFECT Thank-You Note

Many candidates have great interviews with companies; however, they miss an important step that can make the difference between them being hired or another applicant. As we’ve discussed in our Legit Events and Solutions meetings, thank-you notes and other signs of appreciation are always welcome and can help us set ourselves apart from the rest. This especially holds true following a job interview.

Timing is everything, as we say in our Legit Events and Solutions office. The best time to write and send a thank-you email is within 24 hours. Email is acceptable, provided that the subject line is clear and meaningful so that the recipient knows to open it immediately.

In our Legit Events and Solutions recruiting process, the candidate thank-you letters that stand out the strongest are those that open with a genuine show of gratitude. These notes share detailed appreciation based on the experience, which shows that these individuals paid close attention during the interview. Hiring managers can tell when the response is generic or used repeatedly. When a letter is personalized, it increases the chances of receiving a favorable response.

Finally, a good thank-you note will reinforce why this candidate is best for this job. If there was some important quality forgotten during the interview, this is the time to add it.

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